Dream in the Blossoms

If you ask me what’s my favorite season in DC, I would say that I absolutely fell in love with the spring. There is something special about it that people couldn’t find one single reason to hate it…Bustled toward the night class on the noisy street in Chinatown, I was surprised by the sudden warmth of the sunshine and blossoms of the flowers after the furious storm. This kind of little pleasant surprises are filled in my busy work schedule, dispelled my gloomy lassitude on the way.

Cherry Blossoms at Tidal Basin

Maybe this is the way life supposed to be. Tears are like the rain, falling at the last second, but turned into a reassuring smile at the next second, warm like the sunshine. It’s interesting that all the flowers express themselves with an unspoken language. In Japanese Hanakotoba – language of flowers – Sakura conveys a meaning of kind and gentle. Emotions are conveyed without needing a single of word, but expressed in the tiny adorable petals, the softest pink color, and the lightest untraceable scent.

Cherry Blossoms at Tidal Basin

Those cherry blossom trees at tidal basin just survived the rain storm when I got there on a Saturday morning. They were quietly blooming in front the Washington Monument, and their trace of pink is reflected on the Potomac River. At this moment, all the people – couples, friends, little kids surrounded them, admire them with smiles on their face. Thousands of mile away from Japan, those tiny little flowers delivered so much happiness by telling people a sweet story with their unspoken language.

The petals of cherry blossoms were blown all over the sky. Beautiful in a captured moment, they are love’s truest language.

Cherry Blossom Pub in D.C.

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